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120% Pure Stupidity August 19, 2008

Posted by virtualkey08 in Uncategorized.

I got a really strange e-mail today, and I’m really not sure from whence it came, but I do know that whomever wrote it must have been either high on acid or just the most stupid, backwards idiot ever to grace the internet.

I’ll sum it up.

Girls cannot be comuter savvy, they must be tech illiterate.

I say… pffffft.

I posted this on a forum I belong to and low and behold I found other tech savvy girls and guys who thought this was just purely insane.  Hurts to be wrong sometimes and on this one, I hope that I sent the dart straight ino the heart.



1. Joe Blohe - October 5, 2008

All I can say is take a midol like a real woman and quit whining. You sound silly 🙂

This is being used as an example of a comment I will delete in the future. If there is no real site/e-mail you cannot post to my blog.

2. Joe Blohe - October 6, 2008

Truth hurts, huh?

3. Dieter - October 6, 2008

Why would anyone want to give you their e-mail? Considering how emotional you are, you might track us down and do something nasty to us if we don’t agree with your rants!

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