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Georgia (not the one above Florida) August 19, 2008

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We all are outraged when a person or group of people, in this case a nation, charges across it’s borders with a flimsy excuse for military action.  Actions that have the consequence of one nation invading and occupying another, and serve no purpose but to prove the superiority of the invading power.  The United States has done it in the past, see Grenada, and Panama, but there were some well defined goals there.  Russia it seems, has but one goal, retaking territory that it lost when the Soviet Union broke apart in the early 90’s.  Mind you most of these nations that now exist were forcibly occupied by the Soviets for many years, and their independance is just a return to what they were prior,  but, on the whole, Russia isn’t taking this well.

Poland is joining NATO, Georgia has applied, others as well.  It’s pushing Russia into a corner it doesn’t want to be in, a corner that could see the threat of WW3 not from some Middle Eastern fanatic, but rather from a former world power desperate enough to use it as an excuse for expansionism.

We need to be vigilant, we need to be aware.  Terrorism doesn’t just come in the form of car, plane or train bombs, but in the form of countries invading others as well.



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