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Wednesday Wanderings August 20, 2008

Posted by virtualkey08 in Uncategorized.

I am tired.  Bottom line.

That aside, todayis the middle of the week, and by all accounts, there are only two more working days left before a nice relaxing weekend.  But there’s a catch.  What about those people who work on the weekends?  I know I’m about to head out to Denver to help cover the DNC, oh joy ad rapture, a whole week of listening to whiney people bark about how Hillary should have been the nominee (Hillary?  What has she even done for her own home county much less the country except try to grab headlines any chance she gets?), or whiney people complaining about how much Obama needs to be in because we need some real change, although I’m a bit confused as to what he means by change, change what? The amount of oil that his family gets to use as Gas? Give me a break!

Of course shortly there after will be the RNC, and again a bunch of whiney over religious zealots will try to tell us that McCain needs to be Pres because well just because he is sent by God.

I ask, why can’t we just write in Bugs Bunny?  He’s over 35, An American in good standing, has a passport, knows foreign places, althogh he’s usually trying to get to Pismo Beach, and his attitude would certainly put people like Vlad Putin in check.

It’s not like we’ve not had an actor as President before…



1. DoxxRoxx - August 20, 2008

One problem with Bugs is that he should have taken a left at Albuquerque! 😉

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