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Space Invaders goes un-PC August 21, 2008

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Space Invaders 08 WTC

Space Invaders 08 WTC

I have now seen it all.

Woke up this moning, hoping to get just a tad little bit of work done on an article I’m writing about the changes in moviemaking and the prevelence of CGI in those movies, and what hit me right in the face?  An e-mail from a friend talking about the newest version of Space Invaders, a version, I may add, that is as disturbing as say having a million Jem Hadar soldiers ammased upon your front lawn at noon on Sunday.

Space Invaders has now gone Polictically Correct Tailspin.

I used to play this game when I was younger, in fact somewhere around here I probably still have it, just like I am still a fanatic when it comes to Jumpman Jr, an old C=64 game, but now……   You couldn’t get me to even touch this version.  A French-American artist, has decied that while you are blasting away aliens from beyond the stars, that you may now also watch as the twin towers of the fallen WTC blow away with them.  Can we say tasteless?

How anyone could watch this, and play this without getting a really bad taste in their mouth or a swelling feeling of extreme guilt is a mystery to me.



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