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December 31, 2008

Posted by virtualkey08 in Uncategorized.

win7-desktpWindows 7 Beta 1….   It’s been a while since I was able to get hyped about a windows release, but in the 24 hours I’ve been using this one,  it’s on par with WinXP RC1 as far as it’s stability and eas of use.  It has a small XP style footprint, and copy/delete actions are back to not taking a millenium to finish. (7.5 GB file copy took 2 minutes to complete to the USB drive)

A few other first impressions, they ditched the quicklaunch bar in favor of being able to pin apps to the taskbar.  When you launch those apps, a glow appears behind them, rather than a new taskbar button.  If you need to see what’s running, hover over a button, and a littl preview of the active app window appears (vista style but if you hover over the window it enlarges it)  No problems so far with wireless either.  The sidebar is gone and all the little gadgets can be placed anywhere on your desktop.

I’ll put up more as I get to play 🙂



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