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Some Pretty Good Ad’s on Meth Abuse April 28, 2009

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As a parent I always worry that my children will get into something they shouldn’t, but I have to give a lot of credit to the State of Montana for this ad campaign against Meth Abuse.  And of course while I do NOT suppor the restricting of the best nasal decongestant on the planet, I think these ad’s if paid attention to, will in fact do the trick..

But we all know how much kids pay attention right?


absolute chaos March 5, 2009

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As a lot of people know I had a post up on why I thought Someone was an absolute waste of TV space and why I thought that, I recevied no real constructive comments just a lot of hate mail and commenting, so I removed the post.

I will not allow something posted here to turn into a hatefest based soley on my opinion of an event or person, if it does tcommenting will again be restricted to registered WP users.

A warning I hope everyone heeds.

Stunned surprise… March 3, 2009

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I don’t update this page very much, and I really should, but i’ve been working on a 3D project that has pretty much absorbed my time and energy, and it’s only really today that I am taking a break from the endless task of scaling buildings, fixing landscaping and making sure that things that are supposed to reflect do.  But imagine my absolute shock when I logged in to find 15 posts all mainly hostile on only ONE of my posts.

Now I’m the first person to admit i’m not the best looking person in the world, nor am I out to win any best looking contests, I’m happy with who I am, I’m successful at my chosen profession and I’ve had the pleasure in my life to meet more than my share of people both rich and poor, successful and not, and everywhere in between.


It seems that when you absolutely cannot stand someone that is on TV or that is in someway associated with Oprah Winfrey, you are suddenly open to many forms of attack, and that’s just from what I’ve seen here over the past week.  So I decided in the best trradition of the journalism profession to research this a little more fully.  It seems that whenever there is a situation where Oprah or one of her “progeny” get lambasted in the media or otherwise the person doing it gets the brunt end of a sharp stick..Which just goes to prove, the more money you have the more you can get away with…

Lets see how many hatemails I get on that one or haow many times I get called a racist…

Windows 7 – Part 2 of ….. January 7, 2009

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Windows & Acivation Screen, Looks like Vista's

Windows & Acivation Screen, Looks like Vista's

Of course I had the prerequisite person sayin I couldn’t have an activated copy, well. Activation went smoothly, and painlesly, and unlocks all of the Ultimate features. 

Ran a Winver, and unlike the last beta I tried which still said Vista, this one gives an impression that MS is serious.


it also gives a really large bit of info, it expires in July, which leads some to to speculate as to a release day….


As for other things… I love the new taskbar, I’ll be posting that soon, as you can also see I’m playing with the titlebar look, I like the one i’m using now (as seen in photo two) and i’m still not crazy about the “basic look”

More later today I hope.

December 31, 2008

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win7-desktpWindows 7 Beta 1….   It’s been a while since I was able to get hyped about a windows release, but in the 24 hours I’ve been using this one,  it’s on par with WinXP RC1 as far as it’s stability and eas of use.  It has a small XP style footprint, and copy/delete actions are back to not taking a millenium to finish. (7.5 GB file copy took 2 minutes to complete to the USB drive)

A few other first impressions, they ditched the quicklaunch bar in favor of being able to pin apps to the taskbar.  When you launch those apps, a glow appears behind them, rather than a new taskbar button.  If you need to see what’s running, hover over a button, and a littl preview of the active app window appears (vista style but if you hover over the window it enlarges it)  No problems so far with wireless either.  The sidebar is gone and all the little gadgets can be placed anywhere on your desktop.

I’ll put up more as I get to play 🙂

A few points. October 7, 2008

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Lately I’ve been harassed by an individual both here and elsewhere.  It’s of course getting a bit old and while I really don’t wish to put more effort into worrying about it than I have to, a good thought came up about 10 minutes ago that will most likely lead me to cleaning up the blog later today when I have more than 5 minutes to go through and catalogue everything.

My kids read this.  They pullit up at school, and have a laugh reading some of the things I have written, they joke with their classmates about it, and really comments that are rude (differing point of view is one thing I encourage healthy debate) condecending and just outright nasty, have no place where kids tread.

I olny ask this of people if you disagreem that’s one thing I certainly don’t agree with everyone 100% of the time, if you’re just trying to be nasty, keep it away from here.

Tuesday.. 8AM October 7, 2008

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Well here I am attempting to pack up my apartment to move and i’m coming across a lot of stuff that I haven’t used in years.

Correction, stuff I “wouldn’t” ever use again.  However, there is a catch, while I may not ever use my Compaq Presario All-in-one (pentium 1 @75Mhz)  I dont’ want to ditch it either.  So there’s a dilemma, store it or ship it.  Shipping it costs money ,and there’s no guarantee that France would let it into the country without customs fees, and Storing it costs money unless I can find someone stable to house it.

The girls want me to move it all, I want to store 90% of it and forget it for now.

Yeah I’m rambling but it’s better than what I want to be doing which is screaming.

– Now Unlocked Again October 6, 2008

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I’ve locked the comments to registered users only, as I have been getting some less than enjoyable, almost insulting comments posted lately.. I know who it is that’s sending them and it’s not anything worth really pursuing at this time.

So Sorry Foundation ppls, just PM me and I’ll give you a regged account 🙂 oh and Flashfire, Umbreaon updates coming soon.

Ammendment : unlocked them after I got a polite e-mail from someone I work with that wanted to respond.

Living off Misery August 30, 2008

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With oil prices still sky high, and the price of just about everything through the roof, I had to sit and wonder how anyone with less than a 6 figure salary could even cope.  I look at my electric bill that only 2  months ago was 150 dollars, and now, same amount of usage is topping 380.  I look at my fridge, which used to be laden with good French insant coffies and exotic foods, and is now down to whatever I can find on sale, not to say I still don’t eat well, I do, just differently.  I don’t drive as much as I used to, my car is a gas hog, and quite honestly I don’t very much like having to spend 80 bucks every time I fill up.  Such is life, right?


The other night I had the extreme displeasure of having dinner with a gentleman, and I use the term losely, who makes his living off of buying and trading futures.  Futures, for the unenlightened like myself, are the buying and selling of product, based upon what the price may be sometime later.  Sounds fun?

Well, think of it this way.  It’s sort of like betting.  If you buy low, and sell high, you make profit, and on tangeble items youo can do that easily and with some satisfaction that the item actually exists.

Futures, however, rely on blind faith, and the public not really understanding what’s going on.  Take for example the biggie right now Oil.  A barrell of oil is a tangeble item, it has mass, it has volume and most of all you can touch and feel it.  That barrell of unrefined crude is then sent to a facility and made into whatever needs to be made from it, be it gasolene or vasolene.  An oil future, however, is a bet made on the price say 3 months from now, when production may be lower, or some unforeseen circumstance, oh say war in Iran, could drive the supply down.  There aren’t really any barrels of oil, it’s all guesstimates on what MAY be there.

So these futures traders actually determine months ahead of time what the price of your oil will be.  And if the futures go up in price, instead of waiting until the oil actually hits that price, places like gas stations and supermarkets raise thier prices in anticipation of that which is yet to come.  Problem is, when the price goes down on the oil, it takes a disproportionate amount of time for the price of everything else to drop, which again drives the oil futures higher, and again drives your prices higher.

So who benefits you ask.  The commodities traders and OPEC.  OPEC because they pretty much can shut off the flow at any point they dont’ feel they are done lining their pockets with gold, and the traders, ohh the traders.  Since no real money is at stake, and everything is done on credit, the commodoties brokers rake in the comissions and fees, while not  really having to expose themselves to the risk of bankruptcy, or so it was explained to me, and thereby they line their pockets with the sweat of the working class that has to pay higher prices to drive to work.  And most are proud of themselves.

Working at a job where you trample the people to make yourself rich.  And I wonder why this trader has trouble sleeping atn night.

Sigh August 25, 2008

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I tend to think of myself as progressive and open to just about anything.  Today I embarked on trying to do a tutorial in a program I love to work with,.. Needless to say what I ended up with was NOTHING like what the tutorial said I  should end up with, of course the tutorial is written brilliantly, and concisely and well there’s nothing wrong with it, the problem lies not in our stars, but IN myself.

I give up too easily when confronted with something that frustrates me.   Today just solidified that character flaw.

/end rant about self.